Tank Replacement Guides

To make sure you get the right WELLMATE solution to replace your current brand, simply find your make and model below. The corresponding WELLMATE tank is clearly identified at the top of the table.

WM-​01 WM-​02 WM-​4 WM-​6LP WM-​6 WM-​9 WM-​10LP WM-​12 WM-​14WB WM-​20WB WM-​23 WM-​25WB WM-​35WB
Gallons 2 5 14 19 20 30 34 40 47 60 80 87 119
Champion Amtrol CH1001 CH1002 CH3001 n/a CH4202 CH8205 n/a CH8205 CH10050 CH12051 n/a CH17255 CH22050
ProLine Amtrol CA1001 CA1002 CA3001 n/a CA4202 CA8205 n/a CA10050 CA10050 CA12051 n/a CA17002 CA22050
Well-​Flow Amtrol WF-​6 WF-​15 WF45 n/a WF60 WF100 n/a n/a WF140 WF200 n/a WF260 WF360
WellXTrol Amtrol WX-​101 WX-​102 WX-​201 n/a WX-​202 WX-​205 n/a WX-​250 WX-​250 WX-​250 n/a WX255 WX350
Clayton Mark CM1001 CM1002 CM-​200 n/a CM-​202 CM-​203 n/a n/a CM-​250 CM-​251 n/a CM-​302 CM-​350
Elbi D8 D18 DV50 n/a DV80 n/a n/a n/a DV200 n/a n/a n/a DV450
Challenger Flexcon JR6 JR15 PC44 n/a PC66 PC111 n/a PC120 PC144 PC211 n/a PC226 PC366
Well-​Rite Flexcon JR6 JR15 WR45 n/a WR60 WR80 n/a WR120 WR140 WR200 n/a WR260 WR360
Flex-​Lite n/a n/a FL-​5 n/a FL-​7 n/a n/a FL-​12 FL-​17 FL-​22 FL-​28 FL-​30 FL-​40
Aqua Air Goulds V6P V15P V45 n/a V60 V100 n/a n/a V140 V200 n/a V250 V350
Myers MIL2 MIL5 MPD14 n/a MPD20 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a MPD86 MPD119
ConAire Sta-​Rite CA-​9 n/a n/a n/a CA-​42 n/a n/a n/a CA-​120 n/a n/a CA-​220 n/a
Fiberwound Sta-​Rite n/a n/a n/a n/a PSP-​FW20-​6 PSP-​FW35-​10 n/a PSP-​FW40-​12 PSP-​FW48-​14 PSP-​FW60-​18 n/a PSP-​FW85-​25 PSP-​FW119-​35
Vertical Steel Sta-​Rite SR n/a n/a PS30-​T01 n/a PSP42T-​T02 PSP75T-​T03 n/a n/a PSP120-​T50 PSP200-​TR51 n/a PSP220-​T52 PSP320-​TR50
Vertical Steel ProSource PS2-​S01 PS5-​S02 PS6-​S02 n/a PS19S-​T02 PS32-​T03 n/a PS35-​T05 PS50-​T50 PS62-​T51 n/a PS85-​T52 PS119-​TR50
Vertical Steel ProSource Plus n/a n/a n/a n/a PSP19T-​02 PSP19S-​T02 PSP32-​T03 n/a PSP35-​T05 PSP50-​T50 PSP62-​T51 n/a PSP85-​T52 PSP119-​TR50
Perma Tank State PIL-​2 PIL-​5 PAD-​14 n/a PaAD-​20 n/a n/a n/a PAD-​52 n/a n/a PAD-​86 PAD-​119