Residential Products

WELLMATE offers more advantages, more solutions for more applications.

Our residential tanks feature composite materials throughout to ensure quick, cost-effective installation and provide enduring values that retain their quality appearance with little to no maintenance. Quick-change technology enables units to be changed-out as quickly and as easily as they were installed in the first place.

  • WM Series

    WM Series

    Captive Air and Retention Tanks

    Our “WM” series captive tanks are the ideal choice for residential, light commercial and pressure boosting applications.

  • HP Quick Connect Series

    HP Quick Connect Series

    Hydro-pneumatic Air/Water Tanks

    Designed for applications where sulfur, iron, methane gases and hypochloride environments are an issue.

  • Low Profile

    Low Profile

    Low Profile Captive Air Tanks

    Our “LP” series captive air tanks are specially designed for height-restricted applications such as mobile homes, crawl spaces and closets.

  • SidePort "SP" Series

    SidePort "SP" Series

    SidePort Air/Water Tanks

    Our SidePort “SP” Series tanks feature a 1 ¼" vent line and are ideally suited to applications where sulfur and/or gas are present.

  • UT Quick Connect Series

    UT Quick Connect Series

    Universal Retention Tanks

    For water treatment involving contact with chlorine, sulfuric acid or other chemicals found in aggressive water.

  • UT/CT Baffle Tanks

    UT/CT Baffle Tanks

    Universal Retention Tanks

    The NEW Pentair WellMate Baffle tank promotes uniform mixing and improved contact time to meet a .3 minimum baffle factor.

  • In-Line Tanks

    In-Line Tanks

    For Constant Pressure Applications

    Our in-line pressure tanks are designed for use in water storage applications for private wells.

  • Tank Accessories & Replacement Parts

    Tank Accessories & Replacement Parts

    From routine installations to more challenging situations, we have a complete line of accessories to meet your installation needs.